Friday, April 13, 2012

App developer puts high price on iAd removal on the app "Screensaver ^_^"

   It's not rare to find an in app upgrade for appications on the app store (in app upgrade is another name for in app purchases). Typicaly the apps with an in app upgrade are free apps. By putting in app upgrades on apps it forces the downloader to a split path. Either fork over the money or ignore the in app upgrade to the best you can. Well this app "screensaver" has one high price to enjoy the app to the best.

   This the first time I have seen a price this high for an Iad removal. The Dev Liu Jian Jun has hade the app "Screen saver ^_^" version 3.2 on the app store since Dec 17, 2011. What Liu Jian Jun claims the app does is act as an interactive screen saver that has falling snowflakes and a clock on the top part of the screen. The app follows through with what the developer says. The only problem... an iAd pop up on the bottom of the screen(this is screen that the user will see after clicking on the x to remove the iAd).
By clicking no, the pop up will diappear and you can resume use of the app.
By clicking why not, you will be taken to an app in the app store where you will have to download a $50.00 app(this is in U.S. dollars) to remove the adds.

What makes this worse is all the reviews where when the app was on sale for a few bucks, not 50 U.S. dollars...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

[Price drop] Infinity blades is on sle now for 5 U.S. dollars

 Remember the game Infinity Bladesmade by Chair Entertainment Group LLC? The game where you play as a knight that ventures to the Dark Citadel. There you will battle his titans until you reach the dark ruler that feuls the evil amoung the kingdom. I  Well the sencond game in the Infinity Blades picks up right where it left off, and you can play it for five U.S. dollars instead of the normal seven dollar price.  

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

[Apple News] Video showing iPad assembly at Foxconn is posted on YouTube

they say a picture is worth a thousand words… but what about a video?

Recently a video from the inside of a Foxconn factory the above video was filmed showing the assembly of an iPad. The person who filmed the video is Rob Schmitz. A.K.A., the person who proved Mike Daisy's words about Foxconn where nothing more then lies that caused apple to lose loyalty from many and even resulted in some public protests at apple stores. So you could say the lies where like a bull in a china shop.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

[App Scam] Avoid this syn-full app

On April 2 of 2012 the company named "Falkor, inc" had their application Called "Syn" put on the app Store. The Developer of the app says(in the app store description) that the app Syn has the ability to download a Facebook account's contact information and profile photo and then form a contact page on your Apple device under the default app "Contacts". This app does anything but. Once logged in, the app will send(without your concent) a spam message to all your friends telling them about the app "Syn" and that they should download it. After the friend downloads the app, the chain spam continues(thanks to dirk from mobtest's blog, you can see a more in depth explanation of what Syn does by clicking here ).
It is very werid of apple to allow an app of this nature on the app store. The only explanation of this is a slip up. While Apple may have slipped, you don't have to fall victom to this syn-full scam. Now in all seriousness, I hope you and your friends don't.